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Quality Pure Bred Beagle Puppies by Our Beagle Breeders

Our Guarantee
I, Dewitt Griffis, owner of Blackhawk Kennels, guarantee that my pup or pups will be checked by a vet and you will recieve a health certificate from the vet.  It is recommended that you take the pup to your vet within four days of purchase. The pup may be returned within four days for a full refund, less twenty dollars funding fee.

Any hereditary/genetic problems found within the first year of the pup's life that is severe enough that the pup has to be put to sleep, I will replace with a pup from the next available litter. Buyer agrees to take proper care and safeguards for the pup at all times. Also, if you have any questions concerning the beagle pup, feel free to call, as I will do my best to help in any way possible.

Dewitt Griffis
Blackhawk Kennels

If you love beagles, contact us in Raiford, Florida, where we
have beagle puppies for sale.

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